Excited for your first travel assignment, but not sure what to pack?

A typical travel assignment with Rapid Allied is 13 weeks with possible extension in an assignment. The uncertainty of the length of time in a location and living situation can make packing and preparing for an assignment challenging.

Here are 7 tips on how to pack for your Rapid Allied travel assignment.

#1. Decide on the duration of your adventure

While most of our assignments are around 13 weeks, you may end up falling in love with your new city and decide to extend your contract. Additionally, you could go straight to your next assignment before returning home, so be sure to keep that in mind. When packing, a general rule of thumb is to plan to pack for a minimum of a 13-week stay.

#2. Research your city

Dependent on where your travel assignment takes you, you could be skiing in Tahoe or sunbathing in Laguna Beach. Make sure to research activities in your location, the type of climate and pack accordantly.

#3. Bring important documents

Make sure to bring all your important documents. These items can be a big hassle to replace. You should pack the following important documents: driver’s license, social security card, car insurance, travel documents, insurance policy, roadside assistance agreement (if you have a car).

#4. Travel light

While it is easy to want to pack more since you are traveling longer than most people would, just remember traveling with a large load means that moving from one place to the next will be more challenging. What you move in, you must move out. To prevent over-packing, make a list of things you need and prioritize the items. Household items that can be easily bought should just be purchased when you settle in at your new location. Instead of bringing large bulky items such as a TV, sometimes it is easier to rent these items or buy it used on Craigslist.

#5. Pack versatile outfits

If you are having trouble prioritizing what to bring, think about the versatility of the items you are taking with you. Look for shoes that are versatile in multiple settings. Check out shoes such as Caco Sandals that have 100% functionality, but allow you to walk and hike in almost any condition. When thinking about types of outfits to pack, try to find tops and pants that can be used in multiple situations. If you are like me, maybe you live and breathe in your yoga clothes (sporty pants that are comfy but also functional).

#6. Compress your stuff

To help save space, and keep your items organized, we recommend that you consider using compression bags aka stuff sack. Backpackers use them when they travel. Here is an option on Amazon that is very affordable.

#7. Compartmentalize and organize

To make your travel life easier to manage, stay organized. Check out these affordable and cool eBags Packing Cubes. Organizing your items can help you be more efficient in packing and will also prevent you from forgetting important items.

Finally, remember your travel assignment is an adventure! You may not be as prepared for your first travel assignment as you would like. Even with these tips we provided, you might have forgotten items you wished you brought with you, but it’s okay. Like anything with life, it just takes some practice and experience. Remember, we are just a phone call away. If you need any help or advice, our Rapid Allied Team will be there to talk and help you research.

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